Friday, 1 May 2015

Protecting And Building A Strong Immune System

Every day at Hippocrates Health Institute we are working with people challenged with all types of ailments ranging from mild health disorders to serious life threatening diseases. In virtually all cases health and vitality can be restored through enhancing the immune system to perform at its full potential. Although this may sound simple, our immune system is highly complex with over two trillion defenders capable of identifying and eliminating alien invaders. There are however some basic fundamentals that when adhered to can go a long way to optimizing and maximizing the potential of our immune systems.

Lets begin with by identifying the main defenders in the ranks of the immune system.

  1. Phagocytes – These are cells that behave like scavengers consuming dead cells, inanimate rubbish, and large numbers of invading microbes. They also manufacture enzymes and antimicrobial agents, and act as communication links between other immune cells and the brain.
  2. MHC (major histocompatibility complex) – Serve as badges on the surface of cells so the immune system can identify them as non-alien.
  3. Helper T-Cells – These cells play a vital part of the immune system, identifying enemies and triggering the production of other immune system warriors. They call macrophages (white blood cells), other T-cells and B-cells to action, and stimulate the production of plasma cells.
  4. Lymphokines – Act as protein mediators directing communication and signaling between immune cells.
  5. Killer T-Cells – These identify and destroy cells harboring viruses and microbes, and can eliminate cancerous cells by punching holes in their membranes. 
  6. B-Cells – These cells receive help from T-cells to create antibodies that stick to the surface of antigens on the surface of germs. These form into clumps that alert the body ‘s phagocytes to engulf and destroy the antibody-covered intruders.
  7. Plasma Cells – A type of white blood cell that produce antibodies by the millions.
  8. Antibodies - Proteins that travel throughout the body identifying and neutralizing bacteria and viruses, by clumping them together and attracting phagocytes to come and consume them. The also work with complement proteins to devour invaders. 
  9. Complement Proteins – After the antibodies have clumped the invading antigens (bacteria and viruses, etc.) together, complement proteins arrive and destroy it by injecting liquid into the clumps causing them to burst. 
  10. Suppressor T-Cells – Once an infection is neutralized and the immune system has won, these cells signal the system to stop all immune responses.
  11. Memory Cells – Lasting many years these cells retain memory of previous invading microorganisms and will immediately recognize and destroy them again should they happen to enter the body.

This powerful system requires our help if it is to function as nature intended and keep us in a perfect state of health. Without going into too much detail lets summarize the external man-made causes that can weaken and compromise our immune system.

  1. Lifestyle – This is an area the Hippocrates Health Institute has worked hard on over the past 40 years by promoting healthy eating, exercise, and positive thoughts. Imbalance and stress in any of these areas weakens the immune system that leads to illness and the development of disease.
  2. Environment – Humans have polluted the planet to the brink of ecological collapse in many areas. Living in these polluted areas we become affected by toxic water, air, and even electromagnetic fields.
  3. Chemicals – Artificial man-made substances are to be found everywhere in our food, bathing and drinking water, medicines, supplements, etc. that have exponentially added to the load on our immune system. This leaves our immune systems exhausted working constantly to fight an overload of toxic invaders.
  4. Poor Agricultural Methods – In recent decades modern agriculture practices have resulted in soil trace mineral depletion, and contamination from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result the plants grown in this soil become less nutrient dense, which our immune systems depend on to restock and rebuild itself.

Hippocrates Health Institute has witnessed great success in helping people strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system over the past decades. The following 12 guidelines are simple and powerful tips that will enhance and strengthen your immune system.

  1. Receive direct sunlight for 20 to 30 mins a day (avoiding peak-strength sun in hotter regions). The sun is one of the most powerful immune system builders.
  2. Consume more oxygen! Get out into forests, by the sea, and streams or into a greenhouse and learn to breath deeply. Ideally eat plenty of oxygen-rich foods such as raw leafy greens. Oxygen-producing air purifiers are great if you spend most of the day indoors. Many indoor plants also can help to oxygenate your home or office.
  3. Drink clean and pure water that has been distilled or filtered by reverse osmosis. Ensure you are drinking an adequate quantity of water.
  4. Remove all animal derived foods from your diet (meat, dairy, eggs), and ideally replace with at least 75% raw vegetables, such as sprouts and leafy green veggies. This is a process that you can develop over time and enjoy increasing vitality and wellbeing on the journey.
  5. Drinking fresh green juice from sprouts, greens and wheatgrass twice a day. This is the fastest way to ingest high quantities of immune system enhancing nutrients from nature’s most healthful source.
  6. Consume blue-green algae, spirulina, and chlorella (green algae). These are high quality natural and whole super-foods. 
  7. Remove/reduce immune suppressing foods from your diet: processed salt, refined sugars and flours, dairy products, vinegars, heated oils, and foods containing artificial preservatives and colorings.
  8. Don’t eat foods that have been fried or are heated in microwave ovens. There is much research linking these foods to various cancers and heart diseases.
  9. Avoid alcohol (toxic to the body and destroys healthy cells), and only take drugs that are absolutely necessary.
  10. Engage in exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at least three times weekly, such as stretches, aerobics, and resistance work.
  11. Rest and relaxation – besides getting adequate sleep, fasting occasionally gives the body a ‘complete rest’ and allows the immune system to detox and recharge. This could be spending one day a week consuming only fresh juice and water.
  12. Smile and be happy! A positive happy attitude is proven to contribute massively to maintaining health and maximizing wellbeing. The power of the mind on our state of health is incorporated into all the programs at Hippocrates Health Institute and should not be underestimated.

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