Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Psychotherapy and its Role in Optimum Wellness at Hippocrates Health Institute

Hippocrates Health Institute specializes in optimum health and wellness, employing a wide range of proven techniques and holistic therapies that deal with the ‘whole person’ on physical, mental and spiritual levels. These therapies support and compliment conventional treatments that generally focus on symptoms, while the approach of Hippocrates Health Institute goes deeper to the source or cause of health challenges, and restoring balance through the whole system allowing the body, mind and spirit to function at an optimum level of wellbeing.

There are a number of key areas Hippocrates Health Institute optimize as part of the Life Transformation Program. Hippocrates draws on the wisdom: “food as medicine and medicine as food”, and it is this principal that forms the basis of the Hippocrates lifestyle. After more than 60 years of experience in the field of optimal health, Hippocrates Health Institute understand that consuming mainly raw, living plant foods such as sprouts, wheatgrass juice and sea vegetables brings about the best results quickly and effectively restoring the body to its maximum state of health.

Achieving maximum health must also include two other important factors, exercise and a balanced, peaceful mental state. It is commonly accepted nowadays that one of the key factors in achieving success in any task or endeavor, is to have a positive disposition of mind. When it comes to overcoming and preventing illness, a balanced and positive mental state of mind is crucial to success. Psychotherapy counseling plays a very important role here by spending time to understand a person’s individual mental condition and apply various techniques to bring about relief of distress or mental disabilities.

Hippocrates Health Institute’s resident Psychotherapist Antony Chatham explains in this video his approach and how the techniques he employs helps people deal with even the most serious of health challenges. Antony explains how very often people arrive at Hippocrates Health Institute with advanced stages of chronic diseases and a prognosis of less than a year’s life expectancy, having tried all the conventional treatment modalities without success. The challenge Antony faces is to instill confidence, positive awareness and belief in the ability of the body to restore itself and sustain perfect health.

As a trained Psychotherapist Antony spends time with each person to understand and determine which approach is best for him or her. A common method Antony uses especially in cases where the person has been instilled with the belief that he or she has little time left to live, is to choose a joyous or important occasion in the distant future and then visualize themselves there physically. An example Antony uses is the marriage of a person’s children. The goal is to create a positive will to be there and ‘see’ or visualize themselves as though they are really there enjoying all the sense data and feelings, still alive and in perfect health. Using these creative visualization techniques Antony is able to bypass a person’s limits imposed by others or by a physical condition.

Other methods used by Antony are:

  • EDMR or ‘Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing’ which is highly effective in the treatment of post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, phobias, anger issues, addictions and anxiety. This therapy works well when combined with regression therapy.
  • Mind/Body Psychotherapy, based on the biological principals of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), uses hypnotherapy, centropic integration, centering and authentic encounter to focus deeply within the body and unlock and safety release past memories, undo negative thinking, and re-center yourself more on joy.

Psychotherapy is one of many specialized therapies to be found at Hippocrates Health Institute. A wide range of other highly beneficial therapies include hyperbaric therapy, cranial stimulation, IV nutrition and antioxidants, advanced diagnostics, biofrequency research, targeted supplementation and thermography, colon hydrotherapy session, non-invasive electro-magnetic therapies, laser treatments and massage.

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